A downloadable tattoos

an incredibly short zine about cool tattoos you can't get because my friends & i came up with them first & you can't copy us.

ready-to-print booklet-style on 8.5x11 paper.

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Authord.h. croasdill
Tagsoriginal-content-do-not-steal, tattoos, zine


cool knucks.pdf 423 kB


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Does using them as knuckle tattoos count as stealing? If so we have a problem.


mr. milkman,

there was only one rule for downloading my pdf. having broken this rule, i suspect that even now you are hearing from my team of lawyers as they scuttle through the walls of your home. you have until midnight to return any stolen tattoo ideas, or else my lawyers will make their way into your pipes. god help you if they should make it to the pipes.

please consider this your final warning.

-- d.h. croasdill


Ok i have just taken the tattoos off of my knuckles and sent them in the mail back to the tattoo artist who put them on. I hope that he can find a way to have them sent back to you. As of the lawyer situation. If you could have them recalled from the pipes that would be very much appreciated.


thank-you for understanding. i have just tucked the lawyers into their bed & given them glasses of warm milk. they will not bother you any longer. tonight, you & your pipes are safe.

sorry but i am going to steal at least one of these ideas



(glad you liked it)