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a queer dating sim for two players & a checkers board

"A perfect game." — Annamyriah de Jong
"I will not play that game." — my roommate
"oh my god this is so awkward" — a very flustered player at the game fest

You can now play Checkers 2 online, no board required, thanks to the astounding work of genderAlgebraisthattedBatracianeldritchConundrum, & prehistoricCanidae!

Checkers 2 is a strategy romance roleplaying game that can be printed onto three sheets of paper & played with any standard checkers set. Two players take on the roles of women who are very attracted to each other as they try to figure out if their attraction is mutual. A single game takes 15–45 minutes to play— things can move as easily or as excruciatingly as you like.

Over the course of the game, you & your opponent will narrate an encounter between your characters, & gain points to reflect the growing overtness of your character’s romantic advances. At exactly 10 points, your character has effectively communicated their interest & can end (or prolong) the encounter as they wish. However, if you score more than 10 points, your character has come on too strong or awkwardly. This results in your character getting too flustered, frightened, or feckless to initiate anything, & your opponent getting to determine the how the encounter ends (or doesn’t)

Checkers 2 is just as much about outmaneuvering your opponent as it is about concealing your own movements. Watch your opponent carefully, you stand to learn more than you might expect by catching sight of a hesitant decision, persed lips, or a slight tremble.


Checkers 2 Handbook 552 kB
quick & dirty booklet printing guide 3 MB

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